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Network Services

WorkgroupIT provides a variety of network services, including design, implementation, and support for ethernet and Wifi networks. We can provide all of the infrastructure required to support 1-100 users. We have arrangements with leading providers to offer high-speed Internet connectivity up to 1Gbps. We can also provide inexpensive LTE failover for mission-critical applications like POS.

Our focus is on enterprise-quality Wifi, particularly in dense environments. We can design a Wifi system capable of supporting 1 to 100’s of devices with rock-solid security, reliabile, and fast connections. Be sure to let us know your particular issues and allow us to show you how we can solve the problem.

Update your small business network to the latest Wifi and Cyberthreat security Products

Network Services

A fast and secure network is at the heart of a small business’s connectivity infrastructure, and we understand the need to have a secure and efficient network that serves your needs. At WorkgroupIT, we provide you with high speed, reliable and cost effective networking solutions that cater to your small business needs.

We sell and support Ubiquity Unifi and Cisco Meraki Products

WorkgroupIT is pleased to partner with leading Web Managed network companies such as Cisco-Meraki, Meraki Go, and Ubiquity/Unifi. Offering a variety of solutions for small to medium deployments that feature 24×7 web monitoring, threat management, and a host of other features easily monitored and controlled from a web browser. A major benefit of these systems is to optimize performance in very dense WiFi areas that typically deliver slow and intermittent service. 


We recommend Ubiquity as a powerful and customizable line of professional quality network products that won't break your budget.

Cisco Meraki

We recommend Cisco Meraki as an enterprise class, cloud managed, reliable network products solution for your small business. Highly manageable and scalable to meet your most critical needs.

Allow Us to Watch Over You

Web monitoring allows WorkgroupIT to see and control problems in your network in real-time. If your connection is lost, we are notified immediately. Managing the firewall has never been easier with user-friendly UI managed through any web browser. Mobile Device Management can also be deployed using this infrastructure, without expensive additional licensing. With remote monitoring and control, the number of on-site visits can be significantly reduced, resulting in lower maintenance costs over the life cycle of the products.

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