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Types of Business We Serve

IT Support for business (1-100) and remote professionals

We support a variety of cross-industry clients:

Financial Services
Law Offices

High Tech

Plus many more including:

Professional Home Offices for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Psychologists, Landscape Designers, Professional Photographers, etc.

UC Media Center Server Room Refresh

WorkgroupIT, LLC is retained by the University of California to architect and implement a multi-server, 30-TB RAID SAN utilized by approx. 250 students and staff at the Media Center of UCSC. Included in the project were an upgrade of the servers, re-configuration of the storage network into redundant and 10G connected NAS,  a redesigned Open Directory architecture to support staff, students, and lab machine management, a separate RADIUS protected Wireless network. Installed and configured Final Cut Server and implementation of video streaming Server to support TV Broadcast function. Implemented 8 workstation Video Editing SAN. “…We first hired them to fix a system that we thought was on its last legs and lucky for us WorkgroupIT swooped in and got the thing back in shape. It impressed our small university unit and we decided to bring them back for a larger project over the summer to retool our network and since then it's been running better than ever.” -Colin R. – UCSC Media Center

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